10 Effective Classroom Management Techniques Every Faculty Member Should Know

By: Mary Bart

Effective classroom management is much more than simply administering corrective measures when a student misbehaves; it's about developing proactive ways to prevent problems from occurring in the first place while creating a positive learning environment.

Establishing a climate for learning is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching, and one of the most difficult skills to master, even at the post-secondary level. For those new to the profession, failure to set the right tone will greatly hinder your effectiveness as a teacher. Indeed, even experienced faculty may sometimes feel frustrated by classroom management issues. Strategies that worked for years suddenly become ineffective in the face of some of the challenges today’s students bring with them to the classroom.


10 Effective Classroom Management Techniques Every Faculty Member Should Know features 10 proven approaches to classroom management from those on the front lines who’ve met the challenges head-on and developed creative responses that work with today’s students. The report will teach you practical ways to create favorable conditions for learning, including how to:

  • Get the semester off on the right foot
  • Prevent cheating
  • Incorporate classroom management principles into the syllabus
  • Handle students who participate too much
  • Establish relationships with students
  • Use a contract to help get students to accept responsibility
  • Employ humor to create conditions conducive to learning

You'll learn classroom management strategies for a positive learning environment

This free report will provide you with actionable strategies and no-nonsense solutions for creating a positive learning environment – whether you’re a seasoned educator or someone who’s just starting out.

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